The Lung Center at Rapides Regional Medical Center is serviced by Gregory Ardoin, MD, FCCP, and Benjamin Walton III, MD, FCCP. Combined, they have nearly 50 years experience as practicing pulmonologists. They provide services on an outpatient and inpatient basis. Among the outpatient services offered are pulmonary disease clinic; pulmonary disease diagnostics and therapeutics; telemedicine; collaborative medicine services including thoracic surgery, oncology, cardiovascular medicine, ENT, allergy/immunology and radiology; outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation clinic and patient education and support groups.

Services offered on an inpatient basis include:

  • pulmonary disease consultation services;
  • inpatient diagnostics and therapeutics services;
  • collaborative medicine services including:
    • thoracic surgery;
    • oncology;
    • cardiovascular medicine;
    • ENT;
    • allergy/immunology;
    • radiology